Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women

Strategic Plan

Our inaugural Strategic Plan 2018–2022 (PDF, 876 KB) Strategic Plan 2018–2022 (DOCX, 609 KB) provides strong vision and purpose, clear objectives and strategies and demonstrates how we contribute to Advancing Queensland's Priorities.

Our vision

Queenslanders are safe and thriving in families and communities.

Our purpose

We work to enable children, young people, women and families to be safe and to thrive in culture and communities, and to prevent and respond to crime, violence, abuse and neglect.

Our contribution to Advancing Queensland's Priorities

Give all our children a great start

  • Improving the wellbeing of children prior to school, who have had contact with the child protection system.

Keep communities safe

  • Reducing child abuse and neglect, youth offending and domestic, family and sexual violence.

Create jobs in a strong economy

  • Improving participation by women and young people in education, training and/or work.
  • Championing gender equality in the public, private and community sectors.

Keep Queenslanders healthy

  • Improving the health of children, young people and women, especially those at risk or in care or youth justice.

Be a responsive government

  • Supporting strong, thriving families to be the best they can be.
  • Enabling youth engagement in Queensland Government policies, programs and services.
  • Ensuring First Nations Peoples’ cultural identity, diversity and richness are central to decisions made with regard to children, families and communities.
  • Building affinity with our clients by providing responsive, inclusive and capable services.