Investment specifications

Investment specifications describe the intent of investment, the service users and associated issues, service delivery types, and requirements for services to be delivered with departmental investment.

The investment specifications are used in conjunction with the streamlined service agreements and provide detail on specific requirements to be included in the agreements.

  1. Child Protection (Support Services) (PDF, 695 KB) Child Protection (Support Services) (DOCX, 552 KB)
  2. Child Protection (Placement Services) (PDF, 911 KB) Child Protection (Placement Services) (DOCX, 741 KB)
  3. Families (PDF, 1.1 MB) Families (DOCX, 768 KB)
  4. Domestic and Family Violence (PDF, 794 KB) Domestic and Family Violence (DOCX, 487 KB)
  5. Individuals (PDF, 500 KB) Individuals (DOCX, 185 KB)
  6. Young people (PDF, 843 KB) Young people (DOCX, 451 KB)
  7. Community (PDF, 1.2 MB) Community (DOCX, 151 KB)
  8. Service System Support and Development (PDF, 293 KB) Service System Support and Development (DOC, 1.1 MB)

Archived versions

Previous versions of the Investment Specifications can be found on the archive page.

Providing Feedback

The investment specifications will be regularly reviewed and updated. Feedback can be provided at any time to the department which will be collected in a register and used for consideration in the next cycle of review.

Please provide feedback via email to

The Outputs and performance measures catalogue (XLSX, 67 KB) Outputs and performance measures catalogue (CSV, 23 KB) (Version 2, 1 April 2018) includes outputs, counting rules and examples for reporting on outputs. It also includes outcome measures, throughputs, demographic data and other measures. Counting rules and examples for these measures are also in the catalogue.