4. Close an intervention with parental agreement case

4.1 End the intervention with parental agreement

An intervention with parental agreement case can be closed when a case plan review determines all of the following:

  • Child Safety and the family has made progress in resolving the identified child protection concerns and achieving the case plan goal
  • there is a decrease in the level of harm or risk of harm to the child
  • an outcome of 'low' or 'moderate' for the family risk re-evaluation
  • there are no immediate harm indicators present in the household - a safety assessment must be completed prior to the decision to close the case if the child has been in an out-of-home care placement and the child cannot be returned home if the safety decision is 'unsafe'
  • the family displays an ongoing commitment to work with other services that may be linked with the family, where relevant
  • that the familiy's contact with the service providers required to assist in meeting the needs of the child, will continue if Child Safety ceases intervention.

To assist with this determination, refer to the IPA closure checklist.

An intervention with parental agreement case cannot be closed if the family risk re-evaluation outcome is 'high', and further intervention is required to meet the child's protection needs.

An intervention with parental agreement case must be closed in circumstances where the Childrens Court makes a TCO, an interim order or a child protection order granting custody or guardianship of the child to the chief executive or a suitable person.

Where the closure of an intervention with parental agreement case also involves the ending of a placement for the child under a child protection care agreement, implement the procedures outlined in Chapter 5, 4.1 Conclude the child's placement in out-of-home care.

For further information about case closure, refer to the IPA closure checklist and Chapter 3, 4. Close an ongoing intervention case.