10.18 Interstate and New Zealand matters


This procedure outlines an overview of child protection matters associated with other states, territories and New Zealand (jurisdictions).

Key steps

  1. Overview of interstate and New Zealand matters
  2. Make a request to another jurisdiction
  3. Respond to a request from another jurisdiction
  4. Enact a warrant


  1. All requests to another jurisdiction, with the exception of child protection history checks, are directed through the Queensland Interstate Liaison Officer (ILO) at Court Services.
  2. Except for notifications from another jurisdiction, CSSC staff only act on a request received directly from another jurisdiction where the request has also been forwarded by the Queensland ILO from Court Services.
  3. Where it is likely that an order made in Queensland will need to be transferred to another jurisdiction, where possible, prior to applying for the order, seek advice (about the most appropriate type of order for the child) from the Queensland ILO at Court Services.