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Transition 2 Success program

Transition 2 Success (T2S) is a program aimed at improving outcomes for young people within the youth justice system.

T2S is an alternative education and vocational training program delivered by highly-trained youth workers in a local community setting.

It gives young people opportunities to develop skills for a future that is not defined by their past. It also helps give them a sense of worth to themselves and their community.

Our partnerships

The program is made possible by partnerships between youth justice service centres (YJSC) and:

  • secondary schools
  • registered training organisations
  • not-for-profit organisations
  • businesses.

Proven success

The T2S program started at Western Districts Youth Justice Service Centre in Forest Lake in 2015. In 2016 it was evaluated by Youth Justice using the Standardised Program Evaluation Protocol (SPEP) developed by Dr Mark Lipsey. The evidence-based evaluation showed that T2S is highly successful.

Program outcomes

Since the pilot program in 2015, more than 115 young people have graduated with certificates.

Reoffending outcomes

  • 70% have had no further offending or their offended is considered significantly less serious than previous offending (e.g. shop stealing, fare evasion).
  • Of the 24% of young people who committed more serious offences, 95% committed these offences within the first four weeks of commencing the course. After the 4 week mark only 5% of participants continued to offend.

Partnership program

We know that it takes a village to help a young person who has offended, or is at risk of offending, to get back on track. That’s why we work with community partners to develop the most appropriate opportunities for the young people in the program.

T2S offers practical opportunities to support change in the lives of young people who are taking positive steps towards their future.

How to be a T2S Partner

There are many way to be a T2S Partner, including:

  • time and expertise of your staff
  • employment pathways and industry contacts
  • tangible resources and equipment
  • single or ongoing financial contributions.

T2S acknowledges all of its partners in promotional and marketing material, including on this website and during public events.

Benefits for businesses

  • Staff morale improves—employees feel proud to be a part of an organisation that is helping the community in which they live.
  • Absenteeism decreases as staff feel a greater sense of loyalty to their company.
  • Employees are less likely to leave an organisation that reflects their own values.
  • The business acquires new skills and knowledge from its community partnership—new networks and opportunities open up and it may understand its market better and the issues important to its clients.
  • Reputation is enhanced because the business is respected in the community and consequently its brand value increases.

Benefits for community organisations

  • Staff gain new skills, knowledge or expertise that they can use and pass on, building the capacity of the organisation and helping it to be sustainable.
  • Staff find that their self-esteem is raised as they realise their own work, skills and expertise are valued and sought after outside their sector.
  • Keeping up morale and motivation can sometimes be difficult due to occasionally difficult and stressful nature of the work that community organisations do. Groups involved in partnership with a business often report that this becomes much less of an issue, due to the support and recognition provided by the business partner.
  • Staff gain access to new networks, often opening up new opportunities.
  • The community organisation gains a higher, more respected profile which may lead to more funding or an enhanced ability to attract support.
  • Employees from the business partner often become involved in the work of the organisation, for example, volunteering.

T2S acknowledges all of its partners in promotional and marketing material, including on this website and during public events and the like.

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