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Gender analysis toolkit resource

The Office for Women's Gender Analysis Toolkit can be used in any workplace to assist with policy or program development, implementation and evaluation.

The toolkit is available as a full version, or split in three parts. All are provided here in both PDF and Word format.

Gender Analysis Toolkit

Gender Analysis Toolkit - Part One

Part One presents the background to gender analysis - the context and benefits. This is an essential introduction to gender analysis.

Gender Analysis Toolkit - Part Two

Part Two gives step-by-step guidance for using gender analysis. Exercises help you to reflect on policy, program and service development while applying your understanding of gender analysis. Detailed case studies highlight the risks of not considering gender when developing and implementing policies and programs.

Gender Analysis Toolkit - Part Three

Part Three provides further information such as links and resources, a glossary and an overview of Australia's national and international obligations.

Learn more about gender analysis.

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