Sexual Violence Prevention Framework

The Queensland Government is committed to developing a Sexual Violence Prevention Framework (the Framework) to provide a strong, cohesive and evidence-based approach to preventing and responding to all forms of sexual violence, including (but not limited to):

  • sexual harassment
  • sexual assault and rape
  • technology-facilitated violence
  • youth sexual violence, and
  • child sexual abuse.

The Framework will set out a clear vision and objectives, bring together current initiatives and programs already addressing sexual violence, and guide our future responses.

Our work will include a refresh of actions under the Violence against Women Prevention Plan 2016-22 (PDF, 2 MB) Violence against Women Prevention Plan 2016-22 (RTF, 225 KB). It will also take into account related government commitments, including its responses to the Final Report of the Youth Sexual Violence and Abuse Steering Committee (PDF) and the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (PDF).

Development of the Framework is underway, informed by community consultation and engagement conducted from March to May 2019.

  • Sexual Violence Prevention consultation

    To help inform the Sexual Violence Prevention Framework, we have engaged with community representatives and academic experts to guide development of the Framework and priorities for action.