Key steps

1. Identify that a child is at risk of self-harm

1.1 Consider the criteria for identifying self-harm risk to a child
1.2 Consider and integrate the child protection history
1.3 Consult with the team leader to decide the required response

2. Respond to the child with a self-harm alert

2.1 Record the self-harm alert in ICMS within 24 hours
2.2 Develop a self-harm risk management plan
2.3 Inform relevant people
2.4 Respond to a child with multiple self-harm alerts

3. Review the self-harm risk management plan

3.1 Conduct a review meeting
3.2 Record the outcome of the review in ICMS

What ifs - responding to specific self-harm matters

1. What if a child subject to a self-harm alert is also subject to youth justice intervention?
2. What if the child subject to a self-harm alert also has a case plan?