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What ifs

1. What if a sensitivity plan is shared with Youth Justice Services?

In some cases, a client may be subject to intervention by the Department of Justice and the Attorney General, Youth Justice Services, under the Youth Justice Act 1992, and statutory intervention by the department, under the Child Protection Act 1999.

Where this occurs and a client's electronic and paper files are classified as 'sensitive' by the CSSC and the Youth Justice Service Centre, sensitivity is managed by each point of service delivery. Each sensitivity manager will only be able to control access for their own staff members.

When a sensitivity plan has both a CSSC and Youth Justice Service Centre allocated to it, a sensitivity manager from either department can only remove a plan if there are no officers from the other department in the list of officers able to access the plan. Therefore, to remove a joint sensitivity plan, the sensitivity manager will need to consult the relevant sensitivity manager in the other department.