8. Pursue adoption for a child subject to a child protection order

CSSC and Adoption Services staff are required to work collaboratively in delivering services to secure permanent placements for children and sibling groups subject to child protection orders, where:

  • the parents of a child subject to a child protection order have indicated that they want to consider adoption for their child
  • the goal of the child's current case plan is to continue reunification but case planning has identified that, should the case plan goal change to cease reunification, the child's needs and circumstances are such that adoption may be the preferred option for securing the child's long-term alternative placement
  • the goal of child's current case plan is to cease reunification and adoption has been identified as the preferred option for securing the child's long-term alternative placement.

In any of these circumstances the CSSC is responsible for:

  • identifying strategies to achieve safe reunification and options for securing a child's permanent placement, including whether adoption may be appropriate if reunification cannot be achieved in a timely manner
  • pursuing the appropriate order to secure the child's permanent care needs, if applicable.

If the case plan goal is to cease reunification and adoption is identified as the most appropriate option for a child requiring a long-term alternative placement, the CSSC must liaise with Adoption Services regarding:

  • the consents that must be obtained or dispensed with by the Childrens Court for the child's adoption to proceed
  • an adoption plan that must be prepared, including details about any ongoing communication between the child and their birth family which may occur after the adoption order is made
  • whether the child's current foster carers may be suitable to be considered as prospective adoptive parents for the child or whether a suitable adoptive family needs to be identified by Adoption Services
  • the provision of pre-consent counselling to parents and the child, if applicable
  • obtaining all required consents
  • the evidence required to support an application to dispense with a persons need to consent, otherwise required for the child's adoption to proceed.

Adoption Services is responsible for:

  • assessing a child's placement needs to assist in identifying the best possible adoptive parents for the child, including consideration of the child's current foster carers, if applicable
  • deciding whether people are eligible, and assessing their suitability to be prospective adoptive parents.

The CSSC and Adoption Services will continue to liaise regarding making applications to the Childrens Court for:

  • orders dispensing with the need for a parent or guardian’s consent to a child’s adoption
  • interim and final adoption orders.