1. Provide adoption services

Adoption Services oversees the delivery of services required to fulfil responsibilities under the Adoption Act 2009. For administrative efficiency, the resources of Adoption Services and CSSCs are coordinated to provide a number of specific adoption services.

CSSC staff, in consultation with Adoption Services, may be required to:

  • provide pre-consent counselling to enable parents to make an informed decision about consenting to their child's adoption
  • facilitate an adoption care agreement with parents for the care of a child for whom adoption is being considered and support a child's short-term placement with approved foster carers while services are provided to the child's parents
  • witness the parents consent to their child's adoption
  • arrange adoption for a child subject to a child protection order where adoption is identified as a preferred option for securing the child's long-term out-of-home care
  • assist people affected by adoption by providing one-off post adoption services.

For further information about the provision of adoption services in Queensland, refer to the Adoption Practice Manual.