Key steps

1. The family courts and child protection interface

2. Exchange of information

2.1 Family consultants
2.2 Independent Children's Lawyers
2.3 Magellan case management model
2.4 Court Services

3. Assess information received about harm or risk of harm

3.1 Official notification by family court personnel or a party to parenting proceedings (Form 4 notice)
3.2 Consider the implications of an existing parenting order

4. Respond to an order requesting intervention by the department - section 91B orders

4.1 Section 91B orders
4.2 Magellan matters, including a section 91B order

5. Undertake an investigation and assessment

5.1 Alleged harm during contact ordered by a family court
5.2 Alleged harm by a parent with whom the child lives under a parenting order

6. Respond to a child in need of protection

6.1 Intervention where there are current proceedings in a family court
6.2 Provide intervention where a parent has a ‘lives with’ parenting order
6.3 Provide intervention where a parent has a ‘contact’ parenting order
6.4 Provide Intervention when a child requires ongoing protection

What ifs - responding to specific family court matters

1. What if a decision is required about which court should hear proceedings ?
2. What if a parent requests a 'statement of position' letter from the department?