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  4. 10.19 Systems and Practice Reviews following the serious physical injury or death of a child
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  6. 2. Participate in the review

2. Participate in the review

2.1 Preparation

Staff identified as review participants will be contacted by the reviewers to discuss the purpose and process of the review, the rights and obligations of review participants and the terms of reference for the review.

In preparation for all Systems and Practice Review discussions, staff are encouraged to:

  • gather relevant information
  • reflect on their involvement with the subject child
  • try to identify factors that contributed to practice
  • consider other sources of information which may inform the review, including statistics relating to work units or teams, supervision records and any other contextual information.

2.2 Consultation

Staff who participate in the review, their current supervisors and the relevant managers and directors will be provided with a ‘consultation cut’ of the report and will be invited to participate in a consultation process facilitated by the review team. This consultation provides opportunity for feedback and input into the final analysis being undertaken by the review team. Consultation may also occur with specialist branches of the department to obtain their input as relevant to the review.