1. Intake

A complaint may be raised about the following:

  • determinations made by the department and funded services
  • services provided (or not provided) by the department and funded services
  • the behaviour of departmental employees
  • the behaviour of employees of departmentally Funded Non Government Service Providers (FNGSPs) or staff that is considered to directly impact upon clients of the department.

A complaint may relate to a region, CSSC, RIS, the CSAHSC, Adoption Services, Complaints Unit (CU) or other departmental workgroup.

Complaints made to the department may be accepted verbally and in writing through a variety of channels, including:

  • in person
  • by telephone (including SMS)
  • by letter
  • by fax
  • by email
  • by audio CD or tape
  • by Webchat
  • to Minister/Director-General.

Departmental staff will assist people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, those with visual or hearing impairment or learning disability and those who cannot read or write to make a complaint.

All complaint matters are to be recorded according to the Recordkeeping policy, and as outlined in the Complaints Management policy, procedure and guidelines.

Exceptions to complaints management

All concerns received by the Complaints Unit (CU) about harm or risk of harm to a child are immediately referred to the relevant RIS or CSSC. Departmental officers from the CU or Senior Advisors are not authorised officers under the Child Protection Act 1999 and therefore are not authorised to receive, record and assess child protection concerns.

Responses to some types of matters are covered by Child Safety specific policies and procedures other than the Complaints Management policy. For these matters refer to the Complaints Management policy and procedure.  

While these matters are not subject to the complaints management process, it may be appropriate to provide complainants with information about current departmental policies and procedures that relate to their complaint.