3. Action following a referral to an ATSIFSS

Once an early intervention referral is made, the department will have no further involvement. A copy of the referral should be recorded in the relevant ICMS event.

When a statutory referral is made, the department retains case management responsibility for the child and their family, and will continue to meet the case planning and case management requirements as outlined Chapter 4. Case planning and Chapter 3, 1.5 Implement case management responsibilities.

Where the department continues to provide ongoing intervention to a child and family, include the ATSIFSS in any case planning or review process, to contribute information about:

  • the type of support services provided to the child and family
  • the outcomes achieved from the support services provided
  • the issues or factors that still need to be addressed.

The involvement of ATSIFSS in case planning or review processes does not negate the legislated obligation to consult with the recognised entity, or provide them with the opportunity to participate in decision-making about an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander child. For further information refer to the practice resource Working with the recognised entity (PDF, File not found).