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  6. 2. Implement actions when the personal details or footage of a staff member are inappropriately published

2. Implement actions when the personal details or footage of a staff member are inappropriately published

Child protection work impacts on families, and some clients may direct retaliatory behaviour towards the department or a worker personally. In some circumstances, staff may become aware of inappropriate recordings (video or audio) of themselves or other members of staff.

Examples of inappropriate recordings and publications of footage include:

  • circumstances where personal information is provided and subsequently made accessible to the public via the internet - for example, a worker's full name and personal details are posted on the internet
  • the lodging of internet blogs, where confidential information about a case is posted and shared with the public
  • postings to discussion forums where information and case details in relation to complaints towards the department are posted on web-sites
  • the use of webcams and recording devices to record departmental staff in the office or outside the office, which consequently can be posted on the Internet - for example, during a home visit or when having or going to lunch
  • personal web pages accessed by clients or posted as links in specific chat forums for people to access - for example, My Space or Facebook.

A staff member who becomes aware of any footage or details of staff posted on the internet or elsewhere in the public domain will:

  • contact your line manager or your Senior Workplace Health and Safety Advisor in the first instance
  • contact Communications to alert them of the existence of the video or audio footage - Communications keep a central risk-management register, however do not have the authority to demand copies or withdrawal of the footage/audio from the public domain.

Note: If you are aware of footage or audio posted on a social website (for example, YouTube, FaceBook or MySpace), you, as an individual, can take further steps to report the footage/audio as per the appointed website's complaint procedures.