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  4. 10.1 Decision-making about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children
  5. Key steps

Key steps

1. Enable meaningful participation in decision-making

2. Arrange for an independent person to facilitate the child's and family's participation

2.1 Determine whether a matter is a 'significant decision'
2.2 Make arrangments for an independent person
2.3 Complete the independent entity form

3. Refer the family for family-led decision-making

What ifs 

  1. What if the child and family want an individual who is not Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander to be their independent person? 
  2. What if financial assistance is required for the independent person to attend a meeting? 
  3. What if the Director of Child Protection Litigation seeks advice regarding person’s suitability to be an independent person? 
  4. What if a matter involves an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander unborn child? 
  5. What if a child or family wants an independent person to attend court?