Key steps

1. Gather information about the child and family 

1.1 Gather information from the notifer
1.2 Determine if a matter is a limited intake response 
1.3 Determine if a matter is an intake enquiry 
1.4 Conduct a child protection history check  
1.5 Conduct a pre-notification check if required
1.6 Conduct urgent criminal and domestic violence history checks, if required

2. Assess the information and decide the response

2.1 Seeking cultural advice in relation to an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child and family
2.2 Complete the screening criteria
2.3 Complete the response priority
2.4 Use your professional judgement  
2.5 Consult with the senior team leader
2.6 Decide the response

3. Record the outcome and provide to the relevant CSSC or RIS

3.1 Record a limited intake response
3.2 Record intake information
3.3 Record an intake enquiry
3.4 Record a child concern report
3.5 Record a notification
3.6 Record additional notified concerns
3.7 Record an intake when there is no identifying information

4. Provide relevant intake information to external agencies

4.1 Inform the police of possible criminal offences
4.2 Provide feedback to government and non-government agencies
4.3 Provide feedback to SCAN team core member agencies
4.4 Provide subsequent feedback following a decision to downgrade a notification

What ifs - responding to specific intake matters

1. What if the child protection concerns are about a child in another jurisdiction?
2. What if child protection concerns are received from another jurisdiction?
3. What if Centrelink is the notifier?
4. What if there is an enquiry about becoming an approved carer?
5. What if the notifier is vexatious or malicious?
6. What if a child needs to be moved to a safe place - section 21?
7. What if the child is an unaccompanied humanitarian minor?
8. What if child protection concerns are received from the Family Court or Federal Circuit Court of Australia?
9. What if an alert needs to be recorded in ICMS?
10. What if an intake relates to a child subject to a long-term guardianship order to a suitable person or permanent care order?
11. What if duplicate child protection concerns are received that have previously been recorded?
12. What if a child concern report is to be re-assessed following a decision at an ICM?
13. What if there is disagreement with a RIS intake decision?
14. What if information is received about a child death?
15. What if concerns are received about fabricated or induced illness?
16. What if concerns are received about pool fencing?
17. What if a request for information is received from a Queensland court under the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012
18. What if concerns are received about a reportable offender?  
19. What if the concerns relate to sexting?