Supporting families earlier

We are progressing a range of initiatives to build a new child and family support system where vulnerable families have access to high-quality services at the right time to help them care for their children.

Children and young people will be at the centre of the new system, with supported and supportive parents, families and communities.

Family and Child Connect

In most circumstances, children are best cared for by their own families, and sometimes families need support to safely care for their children at home, without unnecessary intervention by Child Safety.

In January 2015, community-based services known as Family and Child Connect were established across Queensland to support families who are at risk of entering or re-entering the child protection system.

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Intensive Family Support services

Family and Child Connect is supported by significant new investment in Intensive Family Support services.

These services work with vulnerable families who have more complex needs to ensure they receive the necessary support before Child Safety intervenes.

Intensive Family Support services are now operating in 43 locations across the state.

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Stocktake of family support services

At the heart of the new child and family system will be a greater mix of services tailored to support vulnerable children and families before their problems escalate to intervention by Child Safety.

To ensure that the right services are offered at the right time to families in need, a stocktake of existing government and non-government family support services was conducted in 2014 to identify the services that were available at the time, and where there were gaps or duplication.

The purpose of the stocktake was to guide future investment in a new and integrated suite of family support services for families that is responsive, accessible and effective.

Find out more about this stocktake.

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