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  1. Women on Boards

Women on Boards

The Queensland Government is committed to increasing the number of women on boards in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Our research has shown that diversity of gender on boards provides financial, performance and social benefits.

A range of resources are available to assist in making a positive difference for gender parity in Queensland.

Key insights

  1. Insight 1

    Achieving board gender parity will increase productivity in Queensland by $87 million.

  2. Insight 2

    High performing boards consist of both men and women, are committed to diversity, and are highly inclusive.

  3. Insight 3

    Board commitment needs to remove barriers to result in concrete action.

  4. Insight 4

    Courageous decision-makers who step up and actively challenge the status quo will be the drivers of change in Queensland.

CSIA call for Directors

The Community Services Industry Alliance (CSIA) board is calling for nominations and expressions of interest for new directors in 2018 in the areas of entrepreneurship, accounting, and marketing and communications. Download the position description (PDF) and send your CV, with a short statement outlining your skills in one of the key areas required, to 

The 100% Project report

The 100% Project has released a new report discussing quotas for women on boards and in other leadership roles. It identifies the strong evidence and notable success occurring within political and business arenas to support the implementation of quotas.

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