For graduates

About the program

Our Graduate Development Program provides recent university graduates with an extensive professional development program to enhance their leadership skills and personal and professional capabilities.

What we offer

During the 12-month program, graduates will gain competencies through their work placements in the department, and by participating in a variety of mandatory professional development activities. Graduates are also provided with a generous professional development budget for the term of the program, and for regional and remote graduates, all travel costs for training purposes are covered by the program.

A mentoring program will provide support from colleagues and peers and allow graduates to develop strong and lasting relationships which will help to consolidate learnings and assist graduates to adapt to employment within the Queensland Public Service.

Successful applicants will be on probation for the duration of the 12-month graduate program and will be appointed to a permanent position at a PO2 or AO3 level within the department at the end of the program.