Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women

Remote and regional incentives

We offer excellent incentives to people who are willing to work in remote and regional locations. Incentives and benefits include:

  • an annual incentive payment for full-time and part-time staff serving in designated remote and regional locations (payable at six-monthly intervals)
  • the flexibility for staff to allocate their incentive payment according to their personal preferences and needs
  • up to 5 years accommodation assistance for eligible staff
  • transfer provisions for remote and regional staff once they have completed the minimum 3 year service period
  • up to 10 days additional leave per year in certain locations
  • a fortnightly locality allowance
  • access to the department's online induction and specialised training and support programs, including cultural competence training.

What are some lifestyle benefits?

Working in a remote and regional community can provide a unique lifestyle with benefits which include opportunities to:

  • develop relationships within a small community environment where you immediately see the results of your work
  • develop or enhance your leadership skills
  • pursue new activities and interests
  • experience the natural attractions of rural and remote locations.