Benefits of working with us

We offer an exciting array of career paths and the opportunity to use your training and experience in roles where you will make a positive difference to the lives of many Queenslanders.

We will help you build a challenging and rewarding career while maintaining a healthy work and life balance.

Proposed Child Safety and Youth Justice Certified Agreement 2019

Our staff will soon have the opportunity to vote in relation to the Child Safety and Youth Justice Certified Agreement 2019 (the Agreement), which provides improved employment conditions and entitlements.

The proposed Agreement has been developed with and is supported by Together Queensland Union, the Australian Workers’ Union Queensland and United Voice Union Queensland.

Read the proposed Agreement (PDF, 1.2 MB) proposed Agreement (DOCX, 122 KB).

To assist staff in understanding the various clauses in the Agreement, staff can also access explanatory notes (PDF, 767 KB) explanatory notes (DOCX, 37 KB).

If staff have any questions – after reading the proposed Agreement and explanatory notes – they can send an email to the Industrial Relations and Policy team in People, Culture and Governance via


The planned employee ballot for the proposed Child Safety and Youth Justice Certified Agreement 2019 was due to open for voting on 3 April 2020, however, the departments are currently clarifying some related matters and while this occurs, a decision has been made to pause the opening of the ballot.   

The departments are seeking to finalise matters as soon as possible and in the meantime, the existing State Government Entities Certified Agreement 2015 continues to apply.

The departments will keep staff updated as further information regarding the employee ballot becomes available.


If the ballot process indicates a valid majority of employees approve the Agreement, we and other parties to the Agreement will approach the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) seeking that the Agreement be certified.

It is proposed that, once certified by the QIRC, the Agreement will replace the State Government Entities Certified Agreement 2015, which will be terminated by agreement between the relevant parties.

Competitive salary and working conditions

You will enjoy a range of competitive salary and working conditions including:

  • Salary and salary packaging - Each position within the department is given a salary range. A number of salary levels exist within each range. Your appointment to a salary level will depend on your qualifications and experience. In most cases, a new employee will commence at the first level of the advertised position’s salary range and will be eligible for an annual increase until the top of the salary range is reached for that position. The department also offers salary packaging for items such as superannuation contributions.
  • Competitive superannuation - QSuper is the superannuation scheme provided by the Queensland Government for its employees. It is a co-contributory scheme and you can contribute between two and five per cent of your salary. This is matched by the compulsory employer contribution of between 9.75 per cent and 12.75 per cent. You can also make voluntary contributions, choose to salary sacrifice, transfer money from other funds or make and receive spousal contributions. As a member of this fund, insurance for income protection and total and permanent disability is automatically provided. Further information can be obtained by calling QSuper on 1300 360 750 or visit the QSuper website.
  • Flexible working hours - Your hours of duty will vary depending on your occupation and type of employment. Some staff are employed on a roster or part-time, others may have variable hours and sometimes staff might have to work outside core business hours. If you do work outside of business hours, the department has flexible working arrangements and allowances, including time off in lieu.
  • Recreation leave - You will normally receive a minimum 20 working days per year (pro rata for part-time employees) for recreation leave plus 17.5 per cent leave loading. This can vary in certain regions, for example, in some northern and western parts of the state, you will receive recreation leave of 25 working days per year plus additional travel allowances. Some shift workers receive 25 working days per year plus allowances. Recreation leave may be taken at half pay.
  • Sick leave - You will be eligible for 10 working days sick leave (pro rata for part-time employees) each year on full pay that accumulates if not taken. This leave may be accessed for caring responsibilities of immediate family or household members.
  • Long service leave - You accumulate long service leave at the rate of 1.3 weeks per year of service. Generally, you are eligible for long service leave after 10 years, however you may be permitted to take long service leave for a pro-rata period after 7 years continuous service. Long service leave may be taken on half pay.
  • Remote and regional incentives - We offer excellent incentives to people who are willing to work in remote and regional locations.

Note: Conditions of employment will vary for casual staff.

Support for work and life balance

The department offers supportive work policies, flexible work options (e.g. part-time work and job sharing), and a range of leave options including:

  • Purchased leave - Eligible employees may apply to access an extra 6 weeks leave over a year. While this is technically without salary, fortnightly deductions from your pay set aside money to fund this extra leave.
  • Parental leave - Eligible employees will be entitled to 14 weeks paid maternity/adoption leave. In addition, an employee may be granted up to 2 years unpaid parental leave (inclusive of the 14 weeks paid leave) to be their child’s primary carer. Employees may also apply to work part-time until their children start school.
  • Special leave - An employee may be granted up to 5 days leave in any 12 month period that is reasonably required for an emergency situation or on compassionate grounds.
  • Cultural leave - Special leave without salary may be provided for up to 5 days cultural or religious leave each year.

The Employee Assistance Service

Employees have access to confidential free counselling to resolve problems affecting their work and/or personal life through an Employee Assistance Service (EAS). This service is also available to an employee's immediate family members.

Equal employment opportunities

We are an equal employment opportunity employer and value a diverse workforce. People of all ages, abilities, gender and ethnicity are encouraged to apply for positions. Some positions may require the role to be undertaken by a person of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background due to the particular client group and the nature of the work.

Professional development

We will offer learning and professional development opportunities throughout your career. The Workforce Capability Strategy provides a commitment to improve our staff's capabilities, attract new staff and deliver better outcomes for our clients.

You will be able to keep your skills up-to-date so you can provide the best support possible to people in need. Mentoring and supervision opportunities are also available.

Capability and Leadership Framework

The Capability and Leadership Framework is a resource that assists the selection and development of people at all levels of the department. It helps identify the skills and attributes that are required in our emerging organisational environment.

The framework has been developed by the Public Service Commission.  

Study and research assistance

We value your decision to undertake study or research to further develop your skills.

The Study and Research Assistance Scheme supports employees who undertake further education, provided the area of study or research is relevant to the services we provide and is linked to our strategic outcomes.

As part of the scheme, you may be eligible to receive financial and/or leave assistance.